listing-review for: 163 S. Cedar Brook Rd. , Boulder, CO

This home is quite unique. A short drive up Linden makes it easy to get anywhere in Boulder within a few minutes. However, you still feel like you’re surrounded by nature with hiking trails, literally out of your back door. Yes, you can see a few neighboring homes out the windows, but with the large pines and steep grades, there is still an abundance of privacy and serenity.  As I drove up, the “double driveway” caught my eye. No need to three point turn when backing out, or ask friends to move their cars if entertaining. Outside, the landscaping hadn’t been maintained for some while, but the costly improvements such as the front steps, front door, wrap around deck and brand new garage took my attention to the shiney objects. Once I walked in, I said “wow” they’ve done a great job with the updates. All of the finishes were done. Bright & clean kitchen with granite, cherry, and stainless all around.  Wood floors are in perfect shape with not a speck of dirt on them. The living room is gorgeous with a huge metal chandelier and new large gas fireplace as an eye catcher. Out of the windows, you have nice views of the flatlands and surrounding foothills. You can follow the new wrap around deck to change the view which is a nice plus. There are two bedrooms on the main floor with 1.5 baths. If looking for a large master bed,  with luxurious master bath, some renovating would need to be done. The full bathroom on the main floor is actually the nicest bathroom in the home. The master bedroom has a walkout that I personally, if owning, would create a nice garden area outside of my bedroom and possibly a seating area for the morning cup of Joe.  Right now it’s a rock garden, stone walkway,  that doesn’t serve much purpose. Continuing on there is a switch back rock lined path that leads down to a nice private picnic area. Again, if looking to improve this, a little gazebo would be perfect for family dinners in this area. The closet in the master also lacks space. A typical closet you would see in the second or third bedroom. If you wear a lot of suits, or have a massive shoe collection, this could be an issue down the road. The second main room is directly across the hall from the master. This could be great if you have a young child. Their room also has the same walkout as the master, as they both connect to each other outside.


Going on towards the downstairs, a very obvious thought came to mind. “This would be a really cool area for guests, or some really lucky children.” The downstairs consists of a large open entertainment room, with a pool table currently residing in the space. A very large washer dryer room, bathroom and two bedrooms. The forth bedroom is encased by white bricks and other than a small garden window towards the ceiling, does not get any light. It could be used as an office, but a child would not like it, as it’s too cold and dark. The other bedroom downstairs is livable and would be a great place for a guest or child. Living downstairs feel like a second home. The only thing it lacks is a stove and fridge, which could honestly fit in the W/D room at ease.


Overall, This home is quite nice and a great entertainment home. If it was mine, I feel like my kids and I would be fighting over the downstairs room battling between the ultimate man cave, or  coolest play area for the neighborhood kids. The upstairs is luxurious, the deck is wonderful, the views nearly perfect. It has such a large amount of upgrades. If it had a larger master bed/bath/closet, this one would be borderline dream home!